Double Wheel Gold Mill

Application field: Mainly used in ore, silver, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, and antimony. Applicable materials: gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony, etc. Feeding size: <30mm

Products Details

Product introduction:

The gold mill is mainly reached by the stirring, rolling, breaking and rolling of the raw materials, and the moisture ratio is uniform, low gas content, improve the molding rate and molding quality, and the material of the material, It has the characteristics of high density, good intensity, no gas hole ratio. And the mounting machine is convenient for installation, small investment, high production, fast effective, low production costs, is an ideal equipment for the mineral industry. The gold mill is mainly used for the choice of gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, molybdenum, copper, antimony, etc., all the ball mills can be selected, the gold mill can be used.

Product Advantages:

1, Small investment, high production, low production cost, good benefits. 2, Easy to install, easy to maintain, save time. 3, The wear member uses the wear resistant material, which greatly prolongs the service life. 4, Equipment technology mature, stable production, small failure rate.

Working Principle:

The gold mill is mounted on the spindle and rotates by the motor. The two rolling are movable on the horizontal axis, and both ends of the horizontal axis are supported on both bearings on both sides of the rack, and the middle is attached to the spindle through the movable sleeve. The tank of the bearing can slide upwardly from the guide slots on the rack, so that the height of the roller can be automatically up and down, and it is contemplated.

Product Parameters:

Model Specification Feeding size  magnetic pole-Power Weight(t)
1600-A 1600×400×200×500±20mm <30mm Y6-25KW 14.5
1500-B 1500×350×150×460±20mm Y6-22KW 12.3
1500-C 1500×300×150×420±20mm Y6-22KW 11.3
1400-A 1400×250×150×350±20mm Y6-18.5kw 8.5
1350-B 1350×250×150×350±20mm Y6-18.5kw 8
1300-B 1300×250×150×350±20mm Y4-15kw 7.5
1200-B 1200×200×80×250±20mm Y4-7.5kw 5.5
1100-A 1100×200×80×250±20mm Y6-7.5kw 5
1100-B 1100×200×80×250±20mm Y4-7.5kw 5
1000-A 1000×200×80×250±20mm Y4-5.5kw 4.5

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